MatMav Guide

MATMAV is now open-source. The code can be found at
This guide is being under development and not complete as long as this warning box exists. Once the guide is complete and up-to-date, this warning box will be removed.
Please direct your inquiries through the bug tracker in the associated github repository:

This guide serves as a reference manual of the MatMav toolbox. It lists down all available functionality and its usage. Examples of usages are also provided.

MatMav is a user-friendly, command-line, MATLAB interface of MAVLink protocol. It provides multiple easy-to-use communication links to MAVLink-equipped controllers. Currently, it's being designed and tested with the PX4 Firmware.

To learn more about PX4 firmware setup as normal user, please see this guide.

To learn more about how to develop upon PX4 firmware, see the development guide.

Current MatMav version is MatMav v2.5.2. See the Versions Update section for more details.
For questions, feel free to contact [email protected]


MatMav was used in the following experiments.

MatMav in outdoor use:

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