OptiStream Usage

The application Window looks like the following figure:

  • Firt make sure that Motive is running and streaming frame data. If you are using OptiStream on the same Motive Machine, then choose the loopback IP in Motive.
  • Run OptiStream app
  • select the Vehicle ID that you wish to communicate to. This is the MAVLINK sys ID. You can modify this parameter in QgroundControl, in the MAVLINK tab.
  • In the Mocap Connection tab, if you are using the same Motive machine, leave the localhost IP for both Mocap IP and Client IP. If you are running both software on different machines, you need to provide appropriate IPs.
  • Click the connect button to get data from Motive. If you defined rigid bodies in Motive, and if the connection to Motive is succesful, you should see the rigid bodies in the Rigid Bodies list box.
  • If you would like to use Serial radio module e.g. XBee, then connect it. Then, click the Refresh button, in the Serial Connection tab. Select the appropriate COM port. Then hit connect.
  • wifi connection: to be done
  • To stream a particular rigid body information to Pixhawk, click in the rigid body in the Rigid Bodies list box. Then, check the stream to Mav check box.

Now, the rigid body information should be streaming to Pixhawk.

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