Set-points properties


This property is a flag which represents the setpoints type. There are currently two types available. Position setpoints+Yaw setpoints (x,y,z,Yaw), or velocity setpoints + Yaw (vx,vy,vz,Yaw). Units are in m, m/s, radians. Available flags: position_yaw_flag and velocity_yaw_flag To set this property, use the set_setPointMask method.

2(position+yaw) or 3(velocity+yaw);
% to set this property
% or


This is a vector. The length of this vector is equal to the number of vehicles. This vector determines whether or not to stream setpoints to the corresponding agent. If you have 3 agents, and you would like to stream to agents 1 and 3 only, set elements 1 and 3 to 1 and the second to 0 e.g. [1 0 1]. To set this property, use set_setpointsFlags method.

[0 1 0]
% or
[0 0 0]


This is where the actual position setpoints are stored, (x,y,z,yaw). Units are meter, and radian.

x: 1.2
y: 0.4
z: -0.5
Yaw: 0.1


This is where the actual velocity setpoints are stored, (vx,vy,vz,yaw). Units are meter/sec, and radian.

vx: 1.2
vy: 0.4
vz: -0.5
Yaw: 0.1

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