Versions Updates


  • fixing a bug in takeoff command to adapt with v2.5.1
  • fixing some timing paramters


This is a code optimization version, to increase the code performance.


This version is a major udpate. In this version, MATMAV server/client is introduced. This feature allows to control a MATMAV session remotely, from another MATLAB instance. This allows to have a dedicated MATLAB session for MATMAV communication only, and perform other computation in another MATLAB session. As known, MATLAB does not do multi-threading by default, which leads not using the full computation power of your machine. When you open another MATLAB instance, it can use different processor if available. So, MATMAV server/client feature help utilizing computational resources.


This version supports NatNet MATLAB library. NatNet is a free library written for OptiTrack motion capture system. It allows handling (encoding/decoding) motion capture data over network. Note that this library works only on Windows


This version includes two new functionalities. It now supports attitude target setpoints that is encoded by this mavlink message. Also, it supports sending RC override signals.


  • Same as V2.3, but with some bug fixes. Specifically, fixing the set_setpointsFlags and set_MocapData methods.


  • In this version, IPs and ports of connected vehicles (via UDP) are discovered automatically. Several bug fixes are done.


  • This is a critical update in the UDP interface. The standard MATLAB UDP class is not used any more. It showed severe unreliability when multiple communications are desired. Instead, a much more robust tcp_udp_ip toolbox is used.


  • safer access to properties. properties can only be updated through set_ methods.
  • several minor fixes

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